What happens during a show?

How does a show work?

The surprise performance usually takes place during the wedding breakfast or meal. In our experience, this is where there tends to be a ‘lull’ and our show is the perfect catalyst to boost the atmosphere and get everyone into the party spirit! Our performers mingle in with the waiting staff throughout the party so that guests suspect nothing. After the main course has been cleared away, a ‘scenario’ will suddenly take place. This is when our actors will begin to deliver an incredible performance which will take your guests by surprise!

What scenarios are available?

A range of ‘scenarios’ are available to you. Below are some examples, but if you are interested in these, please contact us for a friendly chat and we can discuss these ideas in more detail and tailor it for your event.

A waiter who falls over

A popular choice! We have a range of actors who act as a waiter throughout the day. Our performers are not just a being a waiter but they are charming and fun, conversing with your guests (but not so much so anyone suspects anything!). The poor waiter will ‘accidentally’ drop a tray of drinks/ food/ glasses, drawing attention to themselves…a perfect way to begin a surprise…

The last day at work for a Chef / a hotel manager

If your event is at a hotel, another popular scenario is the Chef’s last day at work. This works well with two performers as they bounce off of one another. The ‘hotel manager’, who has been overseeing the day’s events, announces to the guests that it is the Head Chef’s last day at the hotel. He presents him/her with a farewell gift and gives him/her the microphone to make a speech. The embarrassed Chef begins to talk…then eventually gives the guests a performance to remember! The hotel manager returns, annoyed that his chef is taking over the event, so he regains control…

A wedding/ event guest

This scenario particularly surprises guests…our actors pretend to be an old family friend/ business partner and they join in the festivities along with the other guests. People get to know this fictional character and enjoy chatting with them over dinner. All of a sudden, this ‘old friend’ turns into a leading West End performer!
These scenarios are carefully thought out and plotted but always end with the best reactions from your guests! If you are interested in these scenarios or have an idea of your own, please ring us for a chat about how we can thrill your guests.

How many singers will perform?

All of our shows are adapted and tailored to your needs. We can create a Singer Waiter Masters show with one performer (suitable for smaller audiences) but you can also have two, three or more performers at your event or wedding if you would like!

What songs will you perform?

We have a large repertoire of songs which we perform. These range from pop to rock, musicals to opera. We tend to perform a mixture of genres so it appeals to all of the audience and allows the singers to show their vocal range. We perform songs as solos, duets and in groups.

Can I choose songs for you to sing?

You can ask for a particular song although these must be requested with enough time for the singers to rehearse. It is best to chat to us about what you would like.

Can I book this for my son’s/ daughter's/ partner’s wedding or birthday as a surprise?

Of course! We love surprising people and we are experts at it!

Why do you have a sound technician?

A sound technician is very important. Our show is unique and the sound technician allows the performers to continue interacting with guests while he cues the next song. They also ensure the best quality of sound for your event. Sound behaves differently in different venues, for example, the sound quality in a marquee is unlike the sound in a grand hall. The technician will set up hidden speakers and microphones in the room and the performers complete a sound check before any guests arrive. With his or her expertise, we are able to ensure theatre-like sound which surrounds your guests without overpowering them. The technician controls the sound throughout the performance allowing our actors to give 110% into singing and interacting rather than adapting the sound quality.